3 Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder

There are plenty of reasons why building a custom home may be the best option for you. A custom home allows you to build where you want and get the features you are looking for. While there are plenty of benefits to going with a custom build, there are also a few challenges. These challenges are why it's imperative to have good communication with your custom home builder. Here are three questions that you should ask your custom home builder before work begins.

Great Advice When Upgrading The Bathroom Faucets

Your bathroom has a lot of important fixtures, but the faucets are used almost every single time you're in this area. They need to function great and have the right aesthetics. If your current set doesn't have these properties, then you can go out searching for an upgrade. You'll find something great just by abiding by this search protocol. Go With a Style That Makes Sense  There have been many creative innovations with faucet styles over the years, and that means you have endless options to pick from.

A Look At The Advantages Of Drone Surveying Used In Conjunction With Traditional Land Surveying

The modern-day land surveyor may come along with a piece of equipment that can come as a surprise to some property owners: a drone. Aerial drone surveying is rapidly becoming an integral part of this industry. Here is a look at some of the advantages.  Drone surveying allows for the land to be surveyed in difficult to access environments.  on some properties, there are points that are practically impossible to access by foot or vehicle.

Top Reasons To Install Foam Insulation In Your Attic

Right now, the attic in your home might not be properly insulated. It might not have any insulation at all, or if it does, the insulation might not be in the best shape. If this is the case, then you should explore the option to install foam insulation. If you're wondering if it's really worth it to have insulation installed in your home or if you are wondering why foam insulation can be a better idea than some of the other types of insulation that are available, then consider these reasons why foam insulation can be a great addition.

3 Reasons Asphalt Crack Sealing Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks

Asphalt has a stellar reputation for its lasting capabilities. However, the material can crack open with age and exposure to the elements throughout the years. You can pick up asphalt crack sealer products at just about any home improvement store, but the project is best left to professional asphalt crack sealing services. Here is a look at why this task is far harder than it looks.  You have to be careful about the current weather conditions.