Are Termites Attracted To Firewood?

You heat your home with wood heat. It is the most efficient for your home, and it is friendly for your budget because you chop your own wood. However, people keep telling you that termites are attracted to firewood, and the last that you want is to run into a termite problem because you choose to heat your home in a certain way. Your fear of termites is normal, and you don't necessarily need to let go of your preferred home-heating method because you do not want these pests.

Why It's Best To Hire A Construction Company For Your Home Addition Project

If you are finally ready to have that home addition put on, you will want to make sure that you are hiring a highly recommended construction company to do the job. Even if you find yourself to be handy with some tools, the building of a home addition is not something you should attempt on your own. There are many reasons to hire a construction company, including the following: They Have The Experience

Mature Trees That Are Overgrown? Information About Trimming The Trees

If you have mature trees in your yard that are overgrown, you need to get them trimmed. You do need to be careful when doing this, however, as mature trees are much larger and taller in most cases. Because of this, you need to hire a tree trimming service. Below are what they will do to help your stay healthy. Why You Should Trim The most common reason why a tree trimming service should trim your trees is to remove all dead branches.

What To Do When You Find Mold In Your Basement

Mold can flourish anywhere that moisture can be found. Residents commonly find it in dark, damp places like basements and bedrooms. Removing mold from your basement can be a simple problem or it could be a complicated nightmare to handle. Very large amounts of mold require professional mold remediation services. It is crucial to remove visible and hidden mold in locations like walls or old electronics. To prevent a reappearance, you will also have to examine what caused the mold in the first place.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, And California: Where Most Of Your Reclaimed Wood Is Coming From

Reclaimed wood is one hot commodity. Those that have old barns and abandoned farmhouses on properties they want to remake and rebuild are making a fortune selling the ancient wood, while the companies buying it for consumer use cannot keep it in stock. As soon as a batch comes in, it goes out again. Where the majority of this hot product comes from is one of three big states.  Wisconsin