Paranormal Investigations: Common Household Issues That Create Ghastly Paranoia

A bump in the night, a howl of wind through the hallway, and a flicker of light can sometimes catch even the most logically thinking homeowner at the wrong time and strike a sense of paranoia in their mind that something paranormal has taken place. Blame it on the movies, too many paranormal reality shows, or just exposure to tall ghastly tales, but there are a lot of homeowners who will catch a glimpse of fog and automatically assume they are going to see dead people at any given moment.

4 Window Tricks To Save On Cooling Costs

During the summer, 30 percent of your home's unwanted heat pours in through the windows. This extra heat makes it difficult for your air conditioner to cool your home efficiently. However, with a few window tricks, you can block out a significant amount of unwanted heat to save energy and reduce your cooling costs. Close the shades or curtains. When sunlight comes in through the windows, it creates a greenhouse effect by scattering light and producing heat, quickly warming up sun-exposed rooms.