Are Termites Attracted To Firewood?

You heat your home with wood heat. It is the most efficient for your home, and it is friendly for your budget because you chop your own wood. However, people keep telling you that termites are attracted to firewood, and the last that you want is to run into a termite problem because you choose to heat your home in a certain way. Your fear of termites is normal, and you don't necessarily need to let go of your preferred home-heating method because you do not want these pests. Here is a look at some of the things you should know about firewood and termites. 

Be careful about where you get your firewood. 

It is not uncommon for an unwitting homeowner to accidentally bring a termite problem to their home because their firewood is infested with the pests. Make sure you are getting your firewood from a tree that is not infested with termites. If you buy your firewood from an individual, give the wood a thorough lookover when it is brought to your home before it is unloaded. If there are areas of your county that are known for termite problems, refrain from obtaining wood from sources in those areas. 

Keep the bulk of the firewood stored away from the house. 

It's typical to keep some firewood stored close to the home so you're not having to walk a long way to retrieve wood when you have to fill up your stove or fireplace. It is okay to keep a neat stack of healthy firewood close to the house, but you are far better off to store the bulk of the wood away from the house. Several hundred feet of distance will help prevent inadvertently attracting termites to your home directly, even if you do have to walk a bit more when you need wood. 

Get rid of deteriorating wood pieces quickly. 

Termites are definitely attracted to wood that is breaking down or deteriorating, which is common if you have a massive firewood pile and you are not rotating your stock frequently. To prevent having rotting wood pieces sitting idle on your property for long periods of time, rotate your woodpile properly and pay attention to rotten wood pieces. Get rid of anything you find quickly by going ahead and burning it. If you have a rotten piece of wood you don't intend to burn, it can be best to eliminate it from your property. 

For more tips on how to prevent termites even when you need a woodpile, contact a local pest control company that handles termites.