What To Do When You Find Mold In Your Basement

Mold can flourish anywhere that moisture can be found. Residents commonly find it in dark, damp places like basements and bedrooms. Removing mold from your basement can be a simple problem or it could be a complicated nightmare to handle. Very large amounts of mold require professional mold remediation services. It is crucial to remove visible and hidden mold in locations like walls or old electronics. To prevent a reappearance, you will also have to examine what caused the mold in the first place.

Mold Identification and Causes

Mold is typically detected when the homeowner smells or sees mold in their basement. A basement with mold in it has a distinct smell unlike other rooms in the home. The mold can affect the carpet, furniture, and drywall. Mold is almost always caused by extra moisture finding its way to the basement. Excess moisture can derive from bad landscaping that traps water around the house, poor airflow, or leaks from plumbing.

Determining the Mold Source

Finding the source of basement moisture can be difficult, but you must do it before you initiate repairs. If moldy areas are covered by carpet, for example, the issue will only be hidden temporarily and you will need to replace materials again. Tracing where the leaks are sprouting from or inspecting the foundation can lead you to the source of moisture. If water is still making its way through the basement, look within the entire house to find a cause.

Removing Mold

Unfortunately, carpet, wallpaper, and furniture are very difficult to sanitize, and you might have to replace these items. Sand wood and similar surfaces to remove mold from them. Scrub glass and concrete surfaces or clean these with a strong solution. An application of a borate-based cleaning solution can help prevent mold from returning. Additionally, fans and plenty of ventilation can remove extra humidity that can encourage a mold recurrence.

Mold can develop everywhere that moisture can be identified. It can be an easy issue to remove mold from your cellar or it can be a complex ordeal to manage. If you experience an immense mold issue in your basement, it is always a smart decision to hire a mold removal contractor. They can guarantee that the mold is handled and resolve any fundamental issues so it does not return. Clearing mold in your cellar not only saves you cash, but it also reduces mold-related safety hazards and keeps your household healthy.

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