Wisconsin, Minnesota, And California: Where Most Of Your Reclaimed Wood Is Coming From

Reclaimed wood is one hot commodity. Those that have old barns and abandoned farmhouses on properties they want to remake and rebuild are making a fortune selling the ancient wood, while the companies buying it for consumer use cannot keep it in stock. As soon as a batch comes in, it goes out again. Where the majority of this hot product comes from is one of three big states. 


Picture timbers so old that the last Ice Age could not bring them down when the last glacier pushed through Wisconsin. That is the timber that was still standing when pioneers like Laura Ingalls and her family made their way through. Cabins and sheds and barns and smokehouses were all made from these ancient trees. Those structures that did not burn down have been salvaged over the years to rebuild and repurpose, gradually coming up to the present, where the wood is reclaimed for floors, ceilings, and sliding barn doors for home interiors. 


A different breed of wood grew here, mostly near the Wisconsin and Canadian borders. It has a different texture, color, and tone than the ancient woods of its eastern neighbor. Most of it was turned into barns, which housed lots of livestock during the very harsh Minnesotan winters. The thick planks of pine, cedar, and oak that still remain are reclaimed and sold to customers building rustic lodges and hunting lodge-themed restaurants, but you can get some of it for your home, too. 


A single ancient redwood tree produced hundreds of wood planks. Its natural bug-deterring wood made it great for homes, clothing chests and travel/steamer trunks, and even wood sheds. With the redwoods now under protection by the government, these massive and very prehistoric trees can no longer be harvested to build or construct. That makes the reclaimed redwood that is found, purchased by lumber companies, and resold to consumers extremely valuable. It is akin to finding out that oysters that produce pearls are now protected and will not be agitated to create pearls anymore. 

Snap It Up

If you really, really want reclaimed wood, do not be fussy about where it comes from. Grab it up while you can, because if you do not, someone else will. Do not take too long to consider purchasing a batch that just becomes available either, because you are not the only customer looking to buy.

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