Building Construction Management 101

Whether you are considering building a home or a larger investment project, such as an apartment complex or suite of offices, you may be wondering exactly who you should call to oversee such a project. The answer is a building construction manager. Here is a look at what this position entails:

What Is Construction Management?

When someone purchases real estate and decides it is the perfect site for a strip mall, for example, they are called a property developer. However, just because they have the land and an idea, it doesn't mean they automatically know anything about how to actually design and construct the building.

For any building project, there are dozens if not hundreds of people involved in creating it. There are architects and builders and engineers, and they all have their teams. Someone needs to be the supreme project leader and oversee every aspect of the build, as well as every other project manager and their team. This is the job of a senior construction manager.

What Does A Construction Manager Do?

The senior construction manager has many responsibilities, and they will work step by step to get the building from the planning stage to the point where it's time to hand over the keys. The following are some members of the senior construction manager's team, and the steps he will take:

  • Make A Plan

Before even an ounce of dirt is excavated or a contractor hired, the senior construction manager will plot out the entire building process from beginning to end. This will provide a master road map to follow throughout the entire process.

  • Draft The Design

Next, the senior construction manager will appoint a design manager. Their responsibility is to work with the architect, engineers, and the property developer to produce the perfect plan for the site. It must meet the property developer's stated goals and intentions for the land and the strip mall they envision.

  • Determine How Much It Is All Going To Cost

The senior construction manager will now consult with his quantity surveyor. This is the construction industry professional who figures out all the materials, equipment, and labor that will be required to construct the design and how much it is going to cost. The quantity supervisor keeps a close eye on the bottom line to make sure the project stays on budget.

  • Determine How Long Everything Is Going To Take

Now it is time to figure out how long it is going to take to develop this project. For this, the senior construction manager consults his scheduler. It is the scheduler's job to estimate how long each phase of the project will take, as well as keep everyone on schedule once the project begins. The scheduler and the quantity surveyor often work closely together.

  • Hire The Contractors

Next, the senior construction manager needs to line up the workers and equipment who are needed to do the job. For this, he consults with his contract manager. It is their responsibility to hire the excavators, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, and more.

Once these steps are taken, they can break ground. Building construction management professionals will continue to oversee the entire project, making sure their team does their jobs, everything stays on track, and the workers safely do their jobs.