Asphalt Roofing Options To Ask About For High Wind Areas

If you need a new roof and live in a high wind area, then you need to choose your roofing material wisely or you may see roof damage well before you should. If you are partial to the shingle look, then you can choose asphalt shingles. There are a few questions that you definitely want to ask before your contractor starts working on your roof. Keep reading to learn more.

Ask For Fiberglass

Many people are now looking at green roofing options and asking contractors for asphalt shingles made out of recycled materials. This is one reason why the paper mat varieties are so popular right now. However, these types of shingles do not stand up well to high winds. They tend to lift up and tear, or they bend and damage the mat irreparably. 

To keep wind damage to a minimum, you want to choose fiberglass shingles instead. These shingles are made from a fiberglass mat that is not only stronger, but heavier. The heavy mat will help to keep the shingles flat against the roof as wind gusts place pressure on it.

When choosing fiberglass shingles, you may want to forego the traditional three-tab construction. While these shingles are wind resistant, the wind can be caught underneath the wide tabs. Multi-tab, laminated, and single tab are all more wind resistant than three tab options. The multi-tab shingles do provide a similar look if you like the traditional appearance; however, the tabs are much smaller in both width and length. 

Inquire About More Nails

It only makes sense that your roofing shingles will be more wind resistant if they are secured more strongly to the roof deck. Nails are used to secure the roofing shingles, but instead of the traditional four nails per shingle, you should ask for six. Keep in mind that six nails does translate to more holes in your roof. For this reason, your contractor should add no more than six to each shingle.

If six nails are added to each shingle, then make sure your contractor is also securing a strong, thick, water-resistant roofing felt to the deck first. This will help to prevent leaks. If you live in an area that receives a great deal of rain in addition to wind, then a rubberized asphalt covering may be a better choice than a traditional asphalt-saturated felt material. 

There are many options when it comes to protecting your home from strong winds, so make sure to speak with your roofing professional to see what is best for your situation. You can contact companies like The Patio Cover Guy for more information.