Factors That Affect Your Siding Choice

Are you looking at the variety of options available for siding and wondering which ones will suit your home best? This article looks at some of the important factors in siding installation and gives you tips on which siding options to consider. 


If cost is one of your biggest concerns, you still have a variety of affordable options for siding services. Stucco is popular for its lower cost, although installation can become expensive. The other option that makes sense in this situation is vinyl. Vinyl can be made to imitate more expensive materials, but at a fraction of the installation cost.


This one is fairly subjective. For the best appearance, many homeowners prefer the look of wood or masonry siding. These materials happen to be on the more expensive side. 


Some materials hold up to certain climates better than others. For instance, those in very rainy climates may have an issue with stucco siding, since the material has a base layer that can rot quickly when it's exposed to constant moisture. Rain can be a factor with some wood siding installations, but it depends on the construction of the siding and how advanced it is at wicking away moisture via a sealant or moisture control system. 

Stucco is popular in hotter climates because it doesn't absorb as much heat. On the other side of the spectrum, masonry is popular in colder climates that need a material that's resistant to the elements. 


Each siding material has its own maintenance issues. For example, wood can be prone to rotting and structural instability, stone may crack over time, and stucco can develop problems with its base layer. If you want a truly low maintenance material, vinyl is often a go-to option. It is a synthetic material with a high level of strength and resistance to the elements. It doesn't experience problems with flaking or rotting, like what you might find with other materials. If you want low maintenance materials, wood is definitely something to shy away from. 

Another side of maintenance is longevity. Will you ever have to replace these materials? Many siding services can last the duration of the house with only a few minor touch ups. Wood siding is one that may need replacing at some point in your home ownership journey. Masonry siding should last the duration of the home. This could be a factor that you roll in with cost, since some installations will be final, and others will require follow up work. For more information, contact companies like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center.