Solutions For Well Problems

If your property doesn't receive municipal water and relies on well water, you are responsible for keeping the well functional. However, if you've never owned a property with a well before, the problems below can happen.Knowing these problems and possible solutions beforehand can prepare you for action regarding your well.

Problem #1: Cracked Pump

A common cold weather problem which plagues many wells is a cracked pump. The pump enabling water flow is vital when well water is what your family needs, and in the dreary days of winter, water can freeze and damage the pump. As water slowly turns to frozen ice, the pump cracks under the pressure of the weight and expansion.

Luckily, the solution is easy: you'll need to purchase an entirely new pump. When you've got one, take steps to avoid recurrence of the problem. Construct a small structure to enclose the well so it never gets too frigid; keep an outdoor heater in the vicinity.

Problem #2: Low Power Pump

When putting in a new bathroom or bringing in additional residents, your attention is probably what's happening above ground. Few people focus on how these home changes may affect the functioning of their water well. When water flow seems "off" or low, it might result in confusion. What's happening is the well pump is no longer able to supply the house adequately as it once did due to it's motor power.

A new pump is in order in such cases, but ensuring that the motor is powerful and appropriate for more rooms and more people. That will keep water pumping into any residential structures.

Problem #3: Crumbling Well

Sometimes, the well problem is an unforeseen one. A crumbling cave in may happen for many reasons and you won't notice that it's happened until there is no water. A new well should be built away from the old one in this case.

Problem #4: Shallow New Well

A new well should work without issue; if water flow remains a problem, it could be shallow. The existing or newpump could very well be situated too high and unable to fill properly. Professionals can deepen the area and adjust its position for you.

Solving well problems is usually a straightforward and simple undertaking. Water well drilling experts' advice can direct your own actions too; if you're seeing problems or unsure about the pump or well, a professional assessment is beneficial. For more information, contact companies like Advanced Drilling.