Location-Related Details To Keep In Mind When You Replace Your Fridge

A remodeling of your kitchen is an ideal time to replace your appliances. If replacing your fridge is on your agenda, you'll have fun shopping for the brand and model that suits your style and list of preferred features, and then talking with your remodeling contractor about how to make the new fridge work in the new kitchen. Given that you may be changing the layout of your kitchen during this remodeling project but keeping some current elements of the kitchen intact, you'll need to give careful consideration to where you locate the fridge. Here are some details to think about:

Overhead Clearance

In many kitchen designs, you'll have a series of cabinets that extend over the top of your fridge. While these cabinets might not be easily accessible, they're valuable for adding storage to the kitchen. If you're just putting your new fridge in the same place as your old one, don't take for granted that the two appliances are of the same height. The last thing you or your remodeling contractor want to realize is that the new fridge is a couple inches too tall, and thus won't fit under the cabinets. Make sure that you measure carefully if you plan to locate the new fridge where the old one sat.

Available Space With Doors Open

You should also give some thought to how much space the fridge takes up when its door or doors are open. If you have a kitchen island with the fridge facing it, you may find that when the fridge door is open, it extends right to the island. This can make it difficult for people to get around the kitchen when someone is accessing the fridge. If your space is limited, you may find that a fridge with French doors is preferable, as the doors won't swing out as far as a model with a single door. Alternatively, you could talk to your remodeling contractor about moving the kitchen island.

Proximity To Cooking Area

Even if your kitchen redesign includes plenty of counter space, you'll likely have one spot at which you spend most of your time when you're preparing meals. Give some thought to how easy it is to access the fridge from this area. If the fridge is across the kitchen, consider whether you'll want to walk back and forth each time you need to get items out or put other items away. If you anticipate a problem, talk to your remodeling contractor about reworking the design.

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