Hire A Landscaper To Build You A Log Path

If you favor a rustic style and you're looking for some ways to bring this look to your backyard, a log path can be a perfect project to consider. This is especially the case if you have a large property and have recently had to cut down several trees, as you'll be able to use many of the logs in the construction of the path. This labor-intensive project isn't something that you'll want to tackle yourself, so get in touch with a local landscaping service. Ideally, you can find a landscaper with experience building this type of residential landscape design. Here are some steps that the landscaper will take for you:

Digging The Path

One of the unique factors about a log path is that the logs are placed vertically, rather than horizontally. This requires that a path is dug several inches deep to accommodate the logs. This can be a challenging job, especially if the path you want to be built is long. The landscaping service may have a crew dig the path by hand, or may use a small excavator. Once the path is dug, the bottom will need to be tamped down flat. In many cases, the crew will line the bottom with landscaping cloth as a weed-control measure, and then apply a packed layer of stone dust for the logs to sit on.

Setting The Logs

You'll usually want logs of several different diameters to make up your log path. Using a variety of logs provides visual interest, as well as allows the landscaping crew to achieve a sharp-looking design from one end of the path to the other. You may wish to have a say in this part of the project. For example, you might want a pattern of large logs and small logs, or you might want a truly haphazard design that suits the rustic look of your yard.

Filling In The Gaps

After the logs have been placed, your landscaping crew will fill in the gaps from the bottom of the path to the top faces of the logs. The crew may use stone dust to fill in these open areas, as it compacts well and provides a stable foundation to hold the logs in place. Depending on how you want the final product to look, you might ask for the top inch or two to be made of wood mulch to more closely match the look of the logs.