Got A Septic Drain Field? Learn The Signs That Indicate You May Need A Septic Drain Field Repair

Your septic system may be connected to a drain field. This drain field is where liquid waste from the septic system can go to be safely disposed of. This drain field is typically a field of sorts where the liquid can be dissolved through a system of gravel, sand and dirt, helping to naturally filter the system. However, while drain fields are designed to need very little maintenance, at some point in time, they may stop working properly. When this occurs, you want to call an expert out to find the problem and fix it. If the problem is not fixed, you may be leaking waste into natural water ways, which can result in a fine, or your property can get stinky fast. Here are a few signs that you may be in need of drain field repair. 

Your Drains are Draining Slowly

One of the signs that indicates there is a problem with your septic tank or drain field is drains that are draining slowly. When you brush your teeth or take a shower, you may notice water pooling instead of draining away. This may mean you have a clog in one of your pipes, have a full septic tank or have a drain field that is not draining water away quickly enough. If you notice this sign, you may need to call in a septic tank professional to determine what the cause of the problem is. However, it is important you do it quickly to prevent back-ups. 

You See Water Flooding in the Drain Field

As water seeps into the drain field, the gravel, sand and dirt barrier that it passes through should quickly absorb the liquid. If you see water puddling up in this area, the septic field is not draining as it should. There may be waste that has caused a clog in the system, your drain field may be too small for the amount of liquid that is being filtered that way, or your septic tank may be leaking. Either way, your system needs to be inspected quickly. 

You Start to Smell Septic Odors in Your Yard

The last sign that you may need a septic drain field repair are foul smelling odors in your yard. You may be able to smell a small stench if you are standing right next to your septic field. But it should be minimal. However, if waste is not being properly filtered into the field, it may start to smell like an outhouse around your property. If you can smell the field from a ways away, or can smell a stench when the wind blows, your field may be in need of repair. 

If you have a septic drain field, it is important that you understand and know the signs that the field is in need of repair. This can help you get the repairs that are needed quickly and timely before a larger back up occurs and you are left with a bigger mess.