How To Ensure Your Sump Pump Is Working Properly

If you have ever had a flooded basement, you know how much damage it can do. It not only fills up your basement with water, but when the water isn't removed immediately, it can start damaging your home's foundation, starting from the ground up. One good way to prevent this damage is by having a way to get the water out as soon as possible, such as with a sump pump. This is installed in your basement and collects the water, then diverts it outside to a safe place. Sump pumps only work if they are properly maintained, so it is good that you take care of it and inspect it regularly.

Test the Pump Before You Need it

You don't want to find that a pipe has broken in your basement and the water is flooding, but the sump pump is not working, rendering it useless. To avoid this from happening, test the sump pump on a regular basis, such as every few months or once every season. When the season changes, it can remind you that it is time to test the pump again. To do this, you need to make sure it is turned on. Once it is turned on, pour a bucket of water into the sump pump pit, and it should activate the pump and cause it to divert that water out of the basement. If this doesn't work, it is time to call someone to repair the pump.

Clean Out the Pump Routinely

Cleaning out the pump is also necessary, since dirt and other debris can get built up inside, which may cause a clog and keep it from working properly when you need it. If you are going to clean it out, it needs to be completely empty of water, so check the sump pump pit first. When you know it is empty, turn off the pump. With it turned off, you can pull out any debris you see in the pit of the sump pump, and check the discharge line as well. After cleaning it, test it again with a bucket of water to make sure it works properly, as this can let you know you have sufficiently cleaned out anything that might have clogged it.

Have the Pump Inspected By a Professional

While it is good to do these routine inspections on your own, it should also be inspected by a professional about once a year or so. This is to ensure the pump is in good condition as the professional can look for problems you didn't notice.