Buying New Windows In A Hurricane Prone Area? Benefits Of Choosing Impact Windows

If you live in a hurricane-prone area and are planning to purchase new windows, impact windows would be your best choice. You may be surprised that these windows offer you other benefits as well. Below is some more information about this so you can determine if you should install these windows for your home.


Impact windows can help protect you and your family from high winds, as well as debris that may hit your windows due to the winds. Impact windows are stronger than traditional windows because the framing is made of heavy duty vinyl, metal, or wood. Also, they have double layers of laminated glass over a middle layer of material that is even more resistant to impact.

When you start shopping for impact-resistant windows you will find two types. One type has multiple layers of a material called polyvinyl butyryl that is placed between two sheets of glass. The glass is then tempered at a very high pressure to increase the strength. This type of window is designed for small projectile items, such as limbs and smaller home items.

If you want the most protection, there are impact windows that are much stronger. These windows use a glass-clad polycarbonate and a heavier duty laminated glass. These windows will likely be more expensive, however.

Have the windows professionally installed to ensure this is done correctly. If not, they will not protect your home as they are meant to do.

Other Benefits

Besides protection, you will find many other benefits to impact-resistant windows. Because they are strong and secure, you will notice a decrease in your electric bill. This is because it will be next to impossible for cool or warm air to get into or out of your home so your HVAC unit will not run as much. This also ensures that you and your family stay comfortable in your home no matter what the temperature is outside.

Contact your insurance company, as they may lower your premiums if you install these windows. They do this because there is less of a chance of your home becoming damaged due to a hurricane.

Even though impact-resistant windows work great, they will not keep you 100% protected during a very bad hurricane. You may want to have plywood ready that you could place over the windows if the storm is expected to be very bad. This gives you double protection against the high winds.