What To Do When Your Major Appliance Stops Functioning

In every home, there are appliances that you depend on daily to store food, cook food, or make life a little easier and help with tasks like washing dishes or clothing. But what do you do when one of these appliances stops functioning as it should? They are just too big to put in the car and drop off somewhere for repair. While you can take them for repair, it is more common to have a repair service like J & M Appliance come to you.

Finding a Repair Service

It isn't terribly hard to find someone to repair your washer, dryer, fridge, stove, or dishwasher. There are many different repair services listed in the phone book and online that are likely local to you and can do the work. Asking friends for references is a great way to find a great repairman or service as well, but keep in mind, if your appliance is under warranty, you may be required to work with a specific shop or service. If you bought the appliance from a major retailer, they may only allow their technicians to work on the appliance, so check before you just let someone come in and take it apart.

Brand Specific Repairs and Parts

Sometimes an appliance manufacturer will use specific parts in their machines that make it really hard to repair them. In these situations, a factory tech might be the only one that can get the parts for the machines, so be sure to ask the repair service about this before they start. An alternative is for the repair service to source used parts for the appliance and use them to get you back up and running. It is becoming more common for recycled or lightly used parts to become an option and they can save you money in the long run because they don't hold a premium price.

Pickup and Delivery to the Shop

In some cases, your appliance might have to go to the shop for repairs. There may be some equipment that is too large to bring into your home but that is required to properly fix the appliance. In this case, talk to the repair service and ask them what the cost of pickup and delivery is going to be or whether that is included in the cost of the repair. Sometimes they will include it in the price, but other times there might be added costs, and knowing that upfront is important to your budget.

Giving a Referral

In most cases, you will get more personal attention from smaller, locally owned shops than you will from large factory service centers, and that may be important to you. If you are happy with the service they provide, be sure to keep their number on hand, and refer them to your friends and family. They will appreciate the work, and you can feel good about the work your friends and family will get when they need it.