4 Ways To Waterproof Your Basement

Having a basement in your home can be a great addition to it. This will enable you to have additional living space to do fun things or even provide shelter in extreme storm conditions. Another benefit of having a basement is that it can add significant value to your home. It's always a great idea to increase the resale value when you get a chance to do so. Being aware of specific ways to keep waterproof this area is sure to be helpful to any homeowner.

Use hydraulic cement

One of the most efficient ways to keep water out of your basement is by ensuring any cracks in the walls are repaired. Over time, you may find there are holes or spaces in the concrete walls that may allow unwanted water to get in your basement area.

By using hydraulic cement to seal these up, you can work to avoid potential water damage from occurring in your basement area.

Choose flexible extensions

The key to waterproofing your basement is to be sure that water stays away from this area. One thing you should strongly consider doing using flexible extensions on any gutters you may have around your home. 

These can work to ensure any water stays away from the foundation and this can be extremely helpful in having a dry basement. 

Apply a concrete sealer

Another ideal way to ensure your basement remains dry at all times is by using a concrete sealant on the walls and the floors. This will create an additional barrier that will make it less possible for water to get into this space of your home.

Reshape the landscape

If you typically have areas that have water puddles frequently, you may want to consider doing some landscaping.  Building up areas like that with soil can assist in alleviating water puddles and help prevent any water seeping into your basement.

It may be in your best interest to hire a landscaper to do this job for you to ensure it's done accurately and so you can avoid having any further problems.

You can work to enjoy your basement rather than battling water damage all the time. Simply knowing what to do is the first place to start. Additionally, you may want to consult with a contractor in your area to give you more tips and to put these to use for optimal results in your basement area. Contact a company like Central Penn Waterproofing to learn more.