Putting Your Home Back Together After A Severe Sewer Backup

A sewer backup is a catastrophic plumbing failure often caused by flooding or clogged pipes. But not only can sewage backing up into your home ruin your flooring and furniture, but it can also pose a serious health hazard for you and your family. In order to put your house back together safely and effectively, you will need the help of expert contractors who are familiar with sewer backup damage and how to repair it. 

Approaching Open Sewage Safely

Standing sewage poses a number of health risks to anyone who comes in contact with it. Sewage is a well-known harbor for diseases, molds, and other unpleasant organisms, some of which can be transmitted through the air. In addition, any time you have standing fluids in your house, there is a danger of exposed or damaged wiring creating a dangerous electrical current. Because of this, only a professional with the necessary safety equipment should approach or work with sewage. These specialists should be able to halt the flow of sewage and remove it to a waste disposal facility. 

Tearing Up Contaminated Surfaces

Once your home is accessible once more, the process of cleaning must begin. This typically involves replacing any walls, floors, furniture, or appliances that were exposed to the sewage and checking both the subflooring and behind the walls for any hidden waste. Once the area is sanitized, the replacements can be installed, though you may choose to wait a few weeks to ward against the development of mold. 

Repairing Electrical and Plumbing Systems

During this time, your repair company should also investigate your plumbing and electrical systems to ensure that everything is working as intended after the catastrophic backup. Pipes may burst when subject to unintended pressure, and wiring may be shorted out by liquids. In order to avoid secondary damage caused by another round of flooding or an electrical fire, you will need to have both systems inspected and cleared for use before you restore water and electricity to the building. 

Controlling the Odor

Even with your most diligent efforts, it is likely that a smell will linger in your home for some time after the incident. Your sewer backup repair service should have cleaning solutions on hand to minimize the odors as much as possible. If the smell persists or becomes more powerful, you should check to make sure that all of the sewage has been found and cleaned. Within a few weeks or months, the odors should dissipate, leaving you to enjoy your renovated home and to forget that the backup ever took place. 

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