Is The Air Conditioner Working But Not Cooling Your Room? Check The Ductwork Zone Dampers

Ductwork zone dampers are mechanical doors that are installed in duct systems to help control the flow of cooled air. They are usually used in buildings with multiple rooms that may not need to be air conditioned at the same time. Also, building owners sometimes install them in properties with different lengths of ducts supplying air to different spaces. In such cases, some rooms will naturally have an advantage as far as cool air supply is concerned, so zone dampers are installed to even out cool air supply field.

However, while there are many benefits to having zone dampers in your building's ductwork, they can sometimes be a headache. They can cause your room to be uncomfortable to stay in even when the building's air conditioner is functioning. Here is what you should know.

Zone dampers that are stuck shut can keep cool air from flowing into your room

Ductwork zone dampers act like doors. When shut, they cut off airflow into a given section of a building. Sometimes, the accumulation of dirt in the air duct system can cause the dampers to get stuck in a shut position. This may also be as a result of a defective zone damper that simply malfunctions. In either case, this will completely deny your room the cool air supply that it needs to be comfortable.

Replacing any defective zone damper is an effective way of restoring cool air supply into your room and is thus something that you should consider doing.

Zone dampers that are stuck open can cause an imbalance in air supply 

Ductwork zone dampers are sometimes used simply because the existing air duct system setup cannot guarantee a balanced supply of cooled air into all the rooms in a building. This is so especially in cases where the ducts supplying cooled air are of different lengths and sizes, something that then gives some rooms an advantage over others.

Building owners usually solve the unbalanced air supply problem by slightly opening the zone dampers in supply ducts leading to over-conditioned rooms while fully opening the zone dampers in ducts supplying the under-conditioned spaces. This usually evens out the playing field as far as receiving cooled air is concerned.

However, if the zone dampers in the supply ducts leading to the over-conditioned rooms get stuck while in a fully open position, the undersupplied areas will not get as much cooled air as they should. The restricted airflow that results from this may be enough to cause no cool air to flow into some rooms. This is what may be to blame for the lack of cool airflow in your room.

If your building is experiencing problems like these, contact a company like Metro Air for a professional inspection and repair work.