Child Safety Ideas That Your Electrician Can Help With

Having young kids in the house means that you need to keep a closer eye on safety. Few places is this more true than when it comes to electricity. The following are a few upgrades you may want to consider that will increase the safety of your home, and most of them only require a brief visit from an electrician for a quick installation.

Hide your cords

Cords can pose a major danger to young children. They may trip over the cords, or worse, they may pull on a cord and bring a heavy TV or other appliance down on top of them. Fortunately, there are a couple of options to avoid these disasters. When possible, consider running cords through the wall. For example, a wall mounted TV can have the cord running through the wall and popping back out right next to the outlet so you don't have an exposed cord to yank on. Another option that works well for cords that run along the baseboard is to have a false baseboard installed. Basically, this is a hollowed out baseboard that allows you to tuck the cords inside of it so they don't pose a tripping hazard.

Install child-safe outlets

This is a fix that you can install yourself. Child-safe outlet covers are closed by default, which means nothing can be pushed into the outlet. To use the outlet, the plastic covering the openings needs to be pushed aside. Fortunately, this can only be done with an actual plug, so a child won't be doing it accidentally. There are also covers you can install over an outlet that already has something plugged into it. These covers prevent children from unplugging items and injuring themselves by accident.

Wire in safety lights

When things go bump in the night, you don't want it to be your child. Night lights have long been the main option in places like bathrooms to give your child a bit of extra light for night time maneuvering. Unfortunately, the light is often placed too high up to do a child much good. Instead, consider having ambient baseboard lighting installed in the hallways and bathrooms. This lighting is very dim, so it doesn't disturb, but it does light up the pathway so your child is less likely to trip.

For more help in creating a safe home for your family, contact an electrician from a company like Action Electric to help you make these important safety upgrades.