What Causes Moss To Grow On Your Roof In Spring?

Spring is a time when many rooftops start to grow moss on their shingles. Knowing what causes the moss to grow on your roof and how you can correct the problem can help you take care of your property and avoid necessary roof repair later in the year.

What causes moss to grow on your roof in spring?

While this is a particular problem in damp northern climates, it can actually happen anywhere that is naturally cool and moist, including on homes in wooded areas and properties surrounded by trees. This may happen in spring more than other times of the year because spring is a time when the air is cool but not freezing, and rain is a common occurrence.  

What can you do to remove moss from your roof this spring?

Mix oxygen bleach and warm water together in a bucket, then dip a long-handled brush into the water. Use the long-handled brush to pull the moss off of the roof. Don't get on the roof if you can avoid it. If you must get on the roof to remove the moss, contact a roof repair company that can climb onto your roof safely.

Doing this in the early spring when the air outside is still cool and moist can be a waste of time because moss may start to grow back on the roof later in the season. The best time to do this is in the late spring or early summer when the temperature outside begins to warm up.  

What can you do to prevent moss from growing back on your roof in the future?

Moss grows in places where the conditions are right for growth. You can prevent moss from growing on your roof again by changing the conditions and making the area less hospitable to moss.

  • Remove overhanging branches. Overhanging branches can drop organic material and moisture on the roof, feeding moss growth.
  • Increase sun exposure on the roof. Thin nearby trees to increase the exposure your roof gets in the sun. 
  • Attach zinc strips to the roof. Zinc reacts with rainwater to create a solution that can impede the growth of moss. Attaching zinc strips to the ridge of your roof will help stop moss growth. To ensure that it's done properly without damaging your shingles, have this done by a professional roofer.

For more information about how you can prevent moss from growing on your roof, talk to an experienced roofer.