Protect Your Water Heater By Doing These Things

Showering and washing your dishes and laundry with hot water might seem routine. However, if your water heater stops working, it can be challenging to do all those things. That's why it's in the best interest of your family to do everything you can to protect the water heater on your property. By doing the things below, you can keep the appliance working well.

Turn the Temperature Down

You may like hot showers, but when you keep the temperature of the water heater at the highest setting, your utility costs are also high to accommodate that much heating. In addition, you may be shortening the water heater's life span due to extensive wear and tear. Lowering the temperature by even a small amount might be a better idea.

Insulate Pipes

To further lessen wear and tear, you may decide to start paying attention to the pipes that connect to your water heater. You can decrease the amount of work the water heater has to do by insulating the pipes so that the water feeding into the heater isn't ice cold. You can buy foam sleeves to cover the pipes or purchase heat tape that can be plugged in to ensure the pipes remain warm.

Use an Insulating Blanket

Another thing you are able to do to keep the water tank working is to use an insulating blanket. Such a blanket can be put over your water heater so that the air around the appliance remains warm enough to allow the heater to work properly.

Empty the Tank While on Winter Vacation

If you plan to visit family during the holidays or go to a warmer climate during the winter, it's important to take action to protect the water heater. A good way to make sure nothing bad happens to the appliance is to merely empty it when you plan to be away. This can be done by turning off the tank's power and water supply and then opening your drain valve, allowing the tank to empty out completely. Keep a bucket underneath the valve to collect water. When you empty out the tank, you don't have to worry that the water in the appliance will freeze.

You can protect your water heater and keep it functioning when you make use of the information above. Ask a professional for more tips on water heaters that you can take note of in order to keep things working properly.