Moving Out of a Roach-Infested Home? 4 Ways to Keep Them From Coming With You

People move for many reasons, such as finding a new job or wanting to live somewhere else. It is also possible for people to want to leave their current residence due to ongoing problems. If you are currently living in a roach-infested home, your move-out date may not come soon enough. However, to keep cockroaches from coming with you to your new home, you should follow a few helpful tips.

Let Spiders Roam the Battlefield

Many individuals will kill spiders as soon as they see them in their home. They see them as a threat and a nuisance, but arachnids can actually help to create a positive ecosystem inside your home. The Huntsman spider is an incredible hunter, able to kill cockroaches, other insects, and even competing spiders. Whether these spiders are local or not, spiders in general will help to keep the roach population down.

Move On From Furnishings

Cockroaches are persistent creatures and will lay their eggs everywhere. While you can deep clean your furniture, you may not be able to guarantee that all remnants of the roaches are gone. For furniture with removable cushions, you can wash them in hot water for the best chance of eliminating all eggs. However, upholstered furniture should be your primary concern, as you cannot wash each piece thoroughly. It is best to part ways with these pieces to avoid the risk of transferring a roach infestation.

Wash Clothing in Hot Water

Another thing that you can use hot water for is washing clothes. It is important to run all of your clothes through hot water before packing everything up. Also, you will want to thoroughly secure the clothes that you have washed to prevent egg laying after the clothing has been put away for moving.

Check Electronics and Small Appliances

Although the concept of cockroaches getting into small appliances can sound a little disturbing, you do not want to take any chances with these resilient pests. If possible, you should give each small appliance a thorough cleaning with hot water or a towel with hot, soapy water. With electronics, you can use a cleaning solution that is safe for electronics to get rid of eggs that may be hiding.

Cockroaches are not fun to have inside your home. To avoid another problem like the one you are currently having, you should do everything you can to keep them out of the things you are moving. You may also want to consider hiring a professional exterminator, such as Antex Exterminating Co Inc., to help you deal with the issue.