3 Steps To Take If Your Sewer Alarm Goes Off

Your sewer system should be equipped with an alarm, which can emit a red light and a loud sound in the event that your sewage system stops working. If your sewer alarm happens to go off, you should not ignore the problem. This is because the alarm is an indication that your system is not working, which can lead to a nasty sewage backup in your home if you aren't careful. In the event that your alarm goes off, you should follow these three steps right away.

1. Discontinue Water Use in the Home

First and foremost, you should stop using water inside of your home until the situation is figured out. Taking a shower, flushing the toilet or even running your dishwasher or washing machine can all lead to even more wastewater being sent to your sewage system. If your sewage system is not currently working, this can cause a backup in your home. If you are afraid that someone in your family might forget, consider turning off the main water line to your home to prevent anyone from using any water until the problem has been remedied.

2. Check the Circuit Breaker

Before you spend the money on a service call for a sewer repair service, you should check your circuit breaker. Make sure that your breaker has not tripped, which can cause your system to stop running. If it has, flip the breaker "off" and then back "on." You should keep an eye out that this does not happen again; if it happens more than once, it could be a sign of an electrical issue that needs to be repaired.

3. Call a Professional

If flipping the circuit breaker does not work, then you are going to need to call a professional. The problem might be simple, such as if your sewage system simply needs time to catch up after heavy use. However, the problem could be much more serious, and you could be in need of a new switch or even a new pump. A sewage pump repair company like Forrest Sewer Pump Service can help you get to the root of the problem and can make necessary repairs to prevent a sewage backup in your home, which can be very messy and can result in expensive property damage.

If your sewer alarm goes off, you should not ignore the problem, unless you want a big mess in your home. Instead, follow these three steps to get the problem fixed.