Recycle Unneeded Materials At Your Small Business

If you and your employees have been regularly throwing away an abundance of garbage and food at the small business that you own, recycling unneeded materials is an option you should look into. Once you and your staff implement the ideas, everyone will be contributing to a healthier environment and will be doing their part to save necessary resources. Here are some options to consider. 

Recycling Cart

Place plastic bins on a cart that has several shelves. Label the bins with cards that will specify if plastic, glass, or metal items are to go in each one. Rent a large recycling container from a waste removal company and place it outside of your establishment. Set up a time each day to push the cart around your company's interior to collect items that can be reused.

Once the bins that are in the cart are full, roll them outside and place them in the large recycling container so that they can be picked up by the waste removal company.

Compost Bin

Purchase a large, plastic container that has a matching lid. Place it in your company's kitchen or break room. Make a list of organic food items that can be turned into compost and hang it on the wall, next to the container. Some food items that can be turned into compost are coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetable peels and fruit rinds.

Encourage your employees to throw these items into the bin if they have leftovers after eating lunch or snacks throughout the day. Place dry materials inside of the bin, as well, that can be turned into compost, such as wood shavings and paper.

Mix the contents in the bin a few times each week. Keep the bin covered at all other times. After several weeks to a few months, the materials will decompose and resemble dirt. The compost can be placed in a garden or flowerbed and will add nutrients to the soil.

Cardboard Baler

If you order materials to use at your company on a regular basis, you most likely have a lot of cardboard laying around. Rent a cardboard baler to place the cardboard pieces in each day. A baler is a large piece of equipment that will secure stacks of cardboard so that they can easily be hauled off to a recycling center.

If you are unsure of how to use a baler, you will receive assistance when you sign up to have one dropped off at your location. Encourage your employees to get into the habit of placing cardboard pieces inside of the baler soon after packages are opened to minimize a mess inside of your business.

Once you and your employees practice these methods, they will become part of everyone's daily routine and nobody will think twice about completing them. As a result, the environment at your business will be cleaner and more orderly. For more information on recycling systems, contact a company like C F Maier Composites.