Want To Purchase An Old Commercial Property? Consider These Inspections Before You Buy

If you're considering purchasing an old building but you worry about the potential hazards that may be within the space, you'll want to consult a few different types of professionals. There are a lot of issues you have to worry about that you can't easily see with your eyes when you look at the structure and the building. You want to ensure you don't have to put more money into the building than it will be worth to get it up to codes. Here are a few things to have done before you make an offer.

Asbestos and Lead Inspection

Asbestos and lead are hazardous toxins that were used in building materials in the mid 20th century, and if the building was constructed before the 1980s it could have these materials. If the materials get wet, catch fire, or are disrupted, they can become airborne and are hazardous when inhaled. You'll want to have the drywall, insulation and other materials checked for lead and asbestos to see if the building needs to be remediated.

Radon Testing

Radon gas is created when sediments break down in the soil around the property, and exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The property should be tested and if radon is found you'll want to have a mitigation system installed right away to help treat the gas in the air. You don't want to put everyone that works in the business at risk unnecessarily.

Fire Inspection

A fire protection engineering agency can come in to the property and do a sweep of all of the potentially fire causing problems you have, and then give you a list of what to do to reduce or eliminate all of the risks. Getting this inspection completed isn't just going to provide you with peace of mind, but fixing the problems and getting the latest fire detection alarms and options can lower your commercial property insurance.

The inspection professionals can look at other things to see if the building needs a lot of work and you want to have the building appraised before you purchase it. If you think that you want to buy an old building that needs repairs but you aren't sure how much money you can afford to spend, make sure that you check for problems that aren't easily detected at first sight. This could save you a lot of money later on.