How To Prep And Paint Exterior Walls

The key to successfully painting your exterior is renting and using a professional spray gun. Some people think that they can just paint their exterior with normal paint brushes and rollers. This is possible, but it is a much slower process. If you use a spray gun, you can paint your exterior walls much more quickly and more thoroughly. This article will explain how to paint with a spray gun and how to prepare the area.

Prepping is Key

One of the most essential parts of painting with a spray gun is masking off and prepping the area. In the end, this part of the process can take longer than actually painting. Spray guns obviously produce a lot of overspray, so it is important to be thorough when masking off. It is helpful if you paint on a day with no wind. To mask off exterior settings you will want several rolls of 2" wide painter's tape, construction paper, and 0.2mm painter's plastic.

The plastic is best for covering all of the window and door fixtures. You can also use it to cover the eaves along your roof line. Cutting the plastic is easy with normal scissors or a utility knife. You can also drape the plastic over bushes, grass and other things around the base of your walls. Use the construction paper to cover walkways. This is a much safer and more solid surface to walk on. If you adequately mask off your exterior, the painting will be super easy.

Painting with a Gun

Painting with a spray gun is quite simple. The rental will come with easy-to-follow instructions about how to set up the gun and compressor. You just want to be sure that you are never pointing the gun directly at one spot while spraying: always keep the gun moving. In fact, start moving the gun before you pull the trigger.

You also want to make sure that your gun nozzle is clean. The nozzles are removable and easy to clean. Whenever you are taking a break from painting, you should remove the nozzle and soak it in water. Overnight (especially after a long day of painting), you might want to soak the nozzle in diluted paint thinner to prevent clogging. As long as your nozzle is clean, your gun will produce a clean, even stream of paint.

Painting your exterior is a smart remodel. If you can do it on your own, you can make it even more cost effective.

If you don't feel up to doing the painting yourself, you can contact a company such as Gary D Torgerson Co.