4 Keywords To Look For When Shopping For A House Gate

If you're thinking about installing custom gates for your home, you're going to want three things: quality, security, and class. These three qualities are somewhat subjective, but there are certain words that can jump out to the trained eye as indicative of these goals for a new house gate. Here are four keywords that indicate a high-quality, safe, classy gate, putting you in good position to make a great investment. 


Powder coating takes care of what might just be the most important aspect of your new gate: appearance, which touches on both quality and class. A sleek, powder-coated gate will not only look lean and mean the first day it's up, but it will keep that look thanks to the super strong bond between the metal and the coating that prevents rust. To expand the rust-proofing even further, go for an aluminum gate that will never rust. 

Long-Range Transmitter

Coming home from a long day at the office, you're not going to want to wait that extra minute for your gate to open up to let you into your own home. Buying a long-range transmitter for your new gate means that your gate is already opening when you're approaching your driveway, which can be a great convenience and looks classy, as if a butler were working the gate for you. 

Concrete Footings

Nothing degrades your gate's quality, security, and class like a poorly set gate. If your gate isn't well set in a solid substrate, it could start to tip or look flimsy and rundown after a few short months. Having the footings of your gate installed on a rock-solid concrete footing is a great way to protect both your investment and your home. 

Magnetic Locks

Magnets have amazing power, and if you know how to use this power, then it can make your gate ordering decision much easier. Magnetic locks are much less susceptible to picking and breaking than mechanical locks since there are fewer moving parts, which makes them much safer and longer-lasting. 

The world of driveway gates is vast and a little hard to navigate at times, but knowing what to look for can make a huge difference. However, it might be hard to find all of these indispensable attributes in one package. To solve this dilemma, going custom is a popular choice among shoppers, since it allows you to lay out your expectations and have them be met without compromise, ensuring a high-quality, secure, classy gate that will serve your home well for years to come.