Save Money By Using Universal Parts To Repair Old Appliances

When having an appliance repaired, you'll be able to choose which kind of parts are used to fix it. If your appliance is old and you want to reduce how much the repair costs, you should ask your used appliance repair service to use universal, rather than OEM, parts. You should only make this request if your appliance is old, though. Here's how universal parts can save you money, but why you don't want to use them in newer used appliances.

Universal Parts vs. OEM parts

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts are generally regarded as the highest quality parts because they're made by the same company that initially built your appliance. Appliance manufacturers have strict standards that their initial parts must meet, and replacement parts are constructed to meet the same standards.

Occasionally, a manufacturer will make slight changes in an OEM part to reduce the part's failure rate or improve its safety. These are the only reasons why OEM parts are changed, and they improve the quality of the part.

However, universal parts are made by third-party companies. These parts may or may not be built to the same standards as OEM parts. They might last just as long as an OEM part, but they also could fail sooner than an OEM part.

Although they're not always built to the same standards, universal parts have one advantage over OEM parts: they're cheaper. Multiple third-party companies make universal parts, and the competition drives down the prices of these parts. Since only the original manufacturer makes OEM parts, there's no competition to lower prices on them.

Use OEM Parts in Newer Used Appliances

If your used appliance is only a few years old, you should consider paying the higher price for an OEM part for two reasons. First, an OEM part will at least meet the manufacturer's stated lifespan, so it's less likely to wear out before your appliance dies. A universal part might last as long as your appliance does, but it also might break before your appliance fails permanently.

Second, even if a universal part lasts just as long as an OEM one, installing a universal part in an appliance will void any existing warranties. Because your appliance's manufacturer didn't make the part, they won't cover it under a warranty.

Install Universal Parts in Older Appliances

In an older appliance, however, there's no reason to invest lots of money in an OEM part. Old appliances have outlived their warranties, so you don't have to worry about voiding any. Additionally, even if the part fails sooner than an OEM part, your appliance might fail before a universal part breaks.

If you have an older appliance that needs to be repaired, save money by asking your used appliance repair service, like 5 Corners Appliance Company, to use universal parts. You don't want to use them in a newer used appliance, but there's no reason to pay more for OEM parts when fixing an old appliance that's outlived its warranty.