Finding Answers To Frequent Homeowner Questions About Copper Plumbing Fixtures

Take a good look at the inner workings of your home and there is a good chance that you will find copper plumbing fixtures at some point. Even if you do not have completely copper lines, you will likely find that some parts of your overall plumbing system are indeed made from copper materials. If you are like a lot of homeowners, you will have questions about the use of copper when it comes to plumbing lines and fixtures. Here are a few of those questions and the answers you will be glad to know.

Wouldn't copper be prone to corrosion over time like other metals?

Copper is highly corrosion resistant, which is a fact that many homeowners do not know, but is the exact reason why copper has been the go-to source for plumbing for a long time. Because of the fact that copper can withstand years of use without corrosion, it is often expected to last the lifetime of a home. Copper is often misconceived as an outdated plumbing choice, when in truth it is commonly used in even modern construction projects. 

How safe are copper plumbing fixtures when it comes to water cleanliness?

If there is one thing you will not have to worry about with copper plumbing fixtures, it will be how clean your water supply will be after coming in contact with it. Unlike PVC and ABS plastics that are commonly used in plumbing, copper is heat processed without a lot of chemical components. Furthermore, copper helps to decrease the chance that a bio-film layer, filled with microbes and possible bacteria, from developing inside of the lines. 

How resilient are copper plumbing fixtures in cold weather?

Copper can stand up to high amounts of pressure without being compromised. According to the Copper Development Association, it can actually withstand freezing and thawing repeatedly without busting or cracking. Therefore, copper plumbing fixtures work well whether they are indoors or outside where the temperatures cannot be controlled. Additionally, copper can stand up just as well to hot temperatures, which means they would be less likely to be damaged as a result of a fire in your home. 

When you take a look at some of the facts about copper plumbing fixtures, it is easy to see why finding this material in your home is actually a good thing. If you have further questions about copper plumbing, talk to a plumbing contractor for information and advice.