Choosing An Alternative Countertop For Your Kitchen

When the traditional stone or laminate countertops are not to your liking, you need to find an alternative material. Luckily, several countertop stores and contractors are offering a wider selection of materials that may suit your needs.

Butcher Block

One option you have is install a customized butcher block as your new countertops. With this countertop style, you have the choice of making it from any type of wood you prefer. However, since this will be for your kitchen, you should look into the harder wood species like Maple, Cherry and Wenge.

Since many butcher-block designs have offset seams, you have the ability to make a unique countertop for your kitchen. For example, you can use two or more wood species at the same time to make a custom pattern. One popular option is to alternate the wooden pieces by using one light colored wood and then a darker one.

Another design option is to have the contractor stain the wooden pieces a different color. This can work in your favor if you prefer the color of Cherry wood, but you want to pick a more affordable wood like Maple.

Paper Composite

The next material option is not commonly thought of when it comes to countertops, but paper composite is a unique choice for your kitchen. Paper countertops are a composition of compressed recycled paper, resin, and other fibers. This material is a good choice when you want a durable countertop for your kitchen.

Paper composite countertops are stain-resistant, non-porous, are able to handle heat from hot pots, and are lighter than natural stone. Another advantage is that this option is relatively inexpensive, since it ranges from $45-$75 for each square foot.

Even though only a few manufacturers are offering this type of material, your average countertop installer will not have an issue with putting into your kitchen. Paper composite countertops are easy to cut and install, which means the work can be done relatively quickly.

There is one aspect that some people do not like and that is this material does require occasional sealing. The sealing is designed to keep out excess moisture and stains from discoloring or damaging the countertop.

When you want to change the countertops throughout your kitchen, you should look into some of the more creative options. By taking some time to learn more about these materials, you may find that they suit your design needs better than the typical products available in today's market.

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