Replacing A Slate Roofing Tile In 5 Easy Steps

If one of the tiles on your slate roof has become cracked, you may think that replacing this tile will be an expensive and time consuming process. However, the truth is, with the help of the step-by-step guide below, you can easily complete this repair yourself in just five easy steps.

Step 1: Get The Materials You Will Need

In order to complete this task, there are several different items that you will need. Taking the time to gather all of the items on the list below before ascending onto your roof will allow you to avoid any possible delays, as well as minimize the risk of you being injured as a result of making multiple trips onto your roof with forgotten supplies.

The supplies you will need include:

  • 2 pry bars
  • hammer
  • roofing nails
  • replacement tile

Step 2: Raise The Surrounding Tiles

You will need to begin by raising the tiles surrounding the one that needs to be replaced. This will allow you to remove the tile without damaging any of the surrounding tiles. In order to do this, begin by sliding one of your pry bars under the far right side of the tile directly above the one you will be replacing. Next, slide your other pry bar under the left side of the tile directly to the left of the tile you will be replacing. Be sure to leave these pry bars in place during the repair so that you can easily access the broken tile.

Step 3: Remove Nails And Tile

Now that you have access to the broken tile, you will need to use the claw of your hammer to carefully remove any nails that are holding the tile in place. Be sure to avoid striking the surrounding tiles with the hammer during this step or you could find yourself replacing several tiles instead of just one.

Once the tile is free of all nails, you will be able to remove the tile by simply sliding the tile upwards and then lifting it out.

Step 4: Install New Tile

In order to complete this step, you will simply need to reverse the process that you used in Step 3. Again, take care to avoid striking the surrounding tiles when hammering in the new roofing nails. If you find that you have trouble hitting the nails directly on the head, placing a piece of plywood over the surrounding tiles can help to protect them from any wild hammer swings that may come their way.

Step 5: Restore Surrounding Tiles

The only thing that is left to do is to remove the pry bars from the surrounding tiles. Always begin by removing the pry bar on the left first, and then removing the one located above the replaced tile. This will ensure that both rows of tiles lay properly on your roof.

A Final Thought

While replacing a cracked slate tile is a relatively easy job, not all homeowners will feel comfortable walking on their slate roof. If you find that you are unable to maintain balance or that your roof is slippery due to the growth of mildew, it is always better to call in a professional, like those at Front Range Roofing & Siding, to do the job for you, than to risk personal injury attempting to do the job yourself.