A Few Tips To Helping The Concrete Contractor Repair Your Steps

If your concrete steps are looking like they belong on a 200-year-old church instead of your 20-year-old home, it is time to contact a concrete contractor to have them repaired before someone gets hurt. However, let him or her know that you are willing to do some of the work yourself. Leave the tough things, like reforming corners that have crumbled, or reconstructing large missing pieces, to the professional. Take care of the preparation and some of the finishing tasks yourself.

Clean the Entire Area to Be Repaired

It is important that there is no dust, dirt or debris where any new concrete is to be put or it will not adhere to the surface beneath it. First, use a wire brush to remove any loose pieces. Once you are sure nothing else will easily fall off the steps, use a hose to spray everything off the surface. After it dries, a soft brush can be used to ensure the area is completely free of particles. This should be done at a time when it will be dry and clean shortly before the professional arrives.

Tape off Good Areas

Just as you would when painting a wall in your home, you should tape off any area of the steps that does not need to be repaired. However, instead of just taping at the border between good and bad areas, place masking tape on all areas that will not be worked on. This keeps any drops of concrete from splashing onto them and drying there. Even a small bit of dry concrete on an area that is otherwise even and level can cause someone to trip.

Add Texture to the Finished Surface

After the professional shaped the corners and applied a skim coat, use a broom lightly across the surface to give it a bit of texture. This keeps the steps from becoming slick when wet. The grooves allows the water to sit until dry while people step on the tiny ridges. You will save a number of people from slipping and falling down the stairs with a bit of texture.

When you can help the concrete contractor by taking care of the prep and finishing of the job, the professional like one from Robert R. Andreas & Sons Inc. can schedule you in for a shorter appointment, often being able to get you in sooner than if he or she had to do everything on his or her own. It also means you will pay less for the project.