Learn What To Do If You Find Yourself Trapped In An Elevator

If you are someone that uses an elevator on a daily basis, there is a possibility that you could be in one that becomes stuck one day. This is a real possibility that many people do not take into account. If you do become stuck in an elevator by yourself, it is important to know how to handle the situation in a calm and rational manner. Use the following guide to learn how to handle such an extreme emergency.

Stay Calm

One of the worst things you can do in an emergency situation such as this one is to panic. Panic can cause you to go into wild hysterics that could lead to a serious situation, such as a heart attack. Stay calm by taking deep breaths and truly assessing the situation.

Attempt to Get Help

Your cellphone will more than likely not work inside of the elevator because all of the electronic equipment may scramble your signal. There should be a button to push for an emergency or a phone inside of the elevator that you can use. When you pick it up or press the button, it should contact a specific person in the building. When they answer, you can let them know that you are stuck in the elevator.

Assess Your Supplies

If the person says you will be stuck in the elevator for an extended period of time, you may want to look through your bag or briefcase and assess what supplies you have on hand. Keeping yourself entertained will ensure that you do not focus on the scary situation you are in at the moment. Food and water are also ideal so that you can keep your energy up during the fiasco.

Designate Areas

One issue that many people do not want to discuss when they are discussing being trapped in an elevator is the bathroom situation because it is embarrassing and quite disgusting. If you are stuck in the bathroom for hours on end, there is a good chance that you will need to use the restroom eventually. If you do need to use the restroom, choose one corner of the elevator and designate it as the area where you relieve yourself. It is not the ideal option, but it may be the only one you have.

The person you inform of your situation will contact a professional technician, such as Capital Elevator Services Inc, that will come and work on the elevator. Once the technician is able to get the elevator to start moving again, you can get out of the elevator safely. Being stuck in an elevator for hours on end can be very nerve-wracking, but knowing how to handle yourself can make the situation less cumbersome.