Two Ways To Give Your AC System A Boost

Summer is the time to enjoy your favorite activities. Motor sports, water sports, hiking, biking, and other summer activities all require money. Unfortunately summer is also the time for increased heating costs. If you are paying too much to keep your home comfortable, then you will have less money to spend on your favorite activities. If you can find ways to help your AC system keep your home cool, then you can save money on cooling costs and free up your budget for other activities.

Thermal Curtains Can Help

A lot of the heat that enters your home comes through your windows. The sun's UV rays stream right through your windows and heat up your home. Thermal curtains contain insulation and a layer of metal foil. These two barriers are important because they can block the sun's rays and reflect the heat back outside of your home before they have a chance to heat up your home. The main problem with thermal curtains is that they also block off your view of the outside world. 

Window Film Can Block Heat

If you would prefer to preserve your view while still blocking the sun's UV rays, then you can use window film. The whole purpose of window film is to create a reflective coating that will repel UV rays before they can enter your home. By screening out these UV rays, you eliminate one of the sources of summer heat, which in turn will keep your home cooler and help your AC system to run more efficiently and save you money in the process. 

House Fans Use Less Electricity

House fans use less electricity than AC systems, but they will not keep your home cool through the middle hours of the day. On the other hand, if you use a house fan to pump cool evening air into your home, you can beat the heat at a fraction of what it would cost to run an AC system. 

None of the remedies for the heat described above will replace an AC system, but if you use one or more of these strategies in conjunction with an AC unit, you can reduce your cooling costs while at the same time helping to keep your home more comfortable than it would be with just an air conditioner alone. Homeowners who invest in more than one technology, from a company like McCrea Heating & Plumbing Inc, for beating the heat will be well rewarded for their investment.