Keep Kids Safe During Window And Door Installation

Window and door replacements can be quick one or two day projects. Just because of the ease that companies offer these days doesn't mean you shouldn't take the process seriously and prepare your children for the day. Keeping your children's safety a priority will make window and door installation an easier process for the installers. Here are three tips for kids during window and door installations.

1. Let Kids Know to Stay in a Designated Area

It is perfectly normal for kids to be interested in construction and remodels happening in their own home. Having something as simple as door installation can seem fascinating. You can let your child in on the process, but then make sure that your children are away from work areas. While the actual fitting, hauling and work is being done, set up a play space away from staging areas and installation to distract your kids for getting in to trouble. Let your kids ask a few quick questions initially, and then leave installers alone to do their job. This is a better alternative to your child making a day of hanging around the work site and being a distraction.

2. Stay Out of Work Areas Outside of the Home

Remind kids to stay out of outside staging and construction areas. Especially if glass installation is involved for windows and doors, make sure that your kids are away from staging and truck areas. With installers quickly moving large heavy doorways and plates of glass, children could easily be hurt. Products and adhesives used in window and door installation can be dangerous and children should be kept from any investigating.

3. Leave the House

If you are having multiple windows and doors installed, it might be a good idea to remove your children from your home and take them to stay with friends or family. Work can run smoothly with no worries about children underfoot. If there is a break in the process or a multiple day project, some kids cannot resist checking out construction areas and items left behind by workers. This can be completely discouraged by having them out of the house until your remodel is complete.

Remodels or replacements that involve glass and frame work involve large moving parts and a staging area, so keeping your kids safe and your project on task is important. Make sure that your kids are safe and out of the way, so that the install process can run smoothly and efficiently. Talk to a professional like Five Star Windows Inc to hear their recommendations.