Paranormal Investigations: Common Household Issues That Create Ghastly Paranoia

A bump in the night, a howl of wind through the hallway, and a flicker of light can sometimes catch even the most logically thinking homeowner at the wrong time and strike a sense of paranoia in their mind that something paranormal has taken place. Blame it on the movies, too many paranormal reality shows, or just exposure to tall ghastly tales, but there are a lot of homeowners who will catch a glimpse of fog and automatically assume they are going to see dead people at any given moment. Paranormal investigation may be the first reaction, but chances are there are common household issues generating the problem.

Clanking Chains of Tortured Spirits

Just as the weather turns cold, you rank up that boiler for the first time this season before heading off to bed. Within a few minutes the clanking sound starts to plant a seed of paranoia in your mind. While your brain may be running circles around the chance that there is a tortured spirit strolling the halls of your home, the boiler is breaking down on you. Clanking and rattling sounds from a boiler can be a good indicator that you need to contact a boiler service, such as Cool Air Mechanical, Inc., for help. This is often related to the internal breakdown of the heating mechanisms inside. Chain dragging ghosts may be scary, but the size of cost of the replacement of your boiler will be even more frightening.

Chilling Breath of Long Dead Presence in Your Home

As you step out in the hall and head off to the stairs, a burst of icy cold air attacks you from behind and sends shivers down your spine. With no open windows and plenty of insulation, the only explanation your mind can fathom is that there is a paranormal entity trying to get your attention. This may be chilling breath, but more than likely this burst of icy air is radiating from the Ventilation system in your home. Make sure ducts have not been compromised in areas such as the attic where there is no heat and cold air could easily make its way through the pipelines to vent registries down below.

You may think that your home is perfectly suitable for the next big paranormal investigation, but there is a really good chance that what you are dealing with is associated with a more logical problem. Make sure that anytime unexplained is taking place in your home, you have issues investigated by a local contractor.